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KAÏA 75cl - Unfiltered - Early Harvest - Very Limited Edition



A limited-edition, unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil made from our first, unripe Chemlali olives of the season. Straight out of the mill, before filtration!

Nothing is ever added in our olive oils. But for this batch, nothing was removed either!

Kind of like orange juice with pulp, unfiltered olive oil contains residual olive fruit particles in suspension making it the freshest olive oil you can get.

Characterised by an opaque green colour and cloudy appearance, it is bolder and more expressive but still full of harmony. Expect intense fresh vegetal notes and a pleasant spicy after taste, indicative of its high quality.

Pair with soft cheese, hummus, zaatar, grilled meat, soup, bitter greens, sweet veggies and bread! 

  • 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (acidity level 0.2%)
  • Single Origin / From Our Fifth-Generation Ben Romdane Family Estate
  • Heirloom Chemlali Olives from Centennial Trees
  • Early Harvest - November 2023
  • Handpicked & Cold-Pressed the Same Day They're Picked
  • Notes of Fresh Cut Grass, Tomato Leaves, Artichoke and Fresh Almond, Without Bitterness